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Paul Scarfe AREINZ


Experience the passion and enthusiasm from someone who has lived and breathed Real Estate.  Backed by a lifetime of real estate knowledge and experience Paul's consummate professionalism inspires all those that he meets.  His encyclopedic knowledge of real estate in your area coupled with his shrewd understanding of what drives buyers and incomparable negotiation skills results in just one thing ……. you are guaranteed outstanding results every time.

Paul's background in Auctioneering has positioned Paul above his peers in the real estate market.  Super confident and extremely skilful, Paul has been referred to as the ‘Maestro’.

To every customer Paul shares years of marketing expertise.  No matter what type of property, what location, under all circumstances, Paul’s multifaceted strategies deliver a premium price time after time.  His relaxed, empathetic and uncompromising honesty quickly builds lifelong relationships with clients.  A wicked sense of humour brings a sense of relief to what can often be a naturally stressful occasion.

The ability to identify the right buyer and captivate them through insightful marketing provides every one of Paul’s vendors with a market edge.

After many years of auctioneering, he has developed the intuitive ability to read buyers better than most.  The benefit of this is no opportunity is missed in the quest to transform what most would see as casual interest into the ultimate premium buyer.

While Paul’s peers are happy to achieve a sale, Paul is absolutely fanatical about achieving the very best for each of his clients.

State of the art marketing resources ensures each client realises their needs.With his services in demand, Paul will always dedicate himself to you ….. see the difference! 

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