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Steph Huang黃安安

Property Manager

Before joining our team in Auckland, Stephanie played a pivotal role in a multicultural project management team, significantly contributing to constructing a flotation plant and smelter for South Africa's sole refined copper mine within the iconic Kruger National Park.

Stephanie's dynamic experience extends to her background in finance, adding a valuable dimension to her skill set. Her expertise in project management, particularly in a multicultural context, has finely honed her abilities to solve problems with sound logic and reasoning. Her knack for navigating dynamic and demanding environments and expertly coordinating multiple deadlines is evident in her track record.

Originally from New York City, USA, and with diverse experiences in South Africa, Stephanie brings a unique blend of cultural adaptability and linguistic fluency in English, Mandarin, Afrikaans, and Taiwanese. She seamlessly transitioned to New Zealand in October 2021, enriching our team with her unique perspectives.

Drawing from this background, Stephanie is poised to leverage her multifaceted experience and effective communication skills to make a substantial contribution to the success of our organization. As your Property Manager, she will oversee maintenance & maximizing returns, ensure positive and fair tenant relations, as well as compliance with all laws and regulations.