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Complaints Process

In accordance with Rule 12 Real Estate Agents Act (Professional Conduct and Client Care Rules) 2012

All licensed real estate agents are required to have a written in-house complaint and dispute resolution procedure. That procedure is set out below.

You do not have to use our complaints and resolution procedure. You may make a complaint directly to the Real Estate Authority at any time. You can make a complaint to the Real Estate Authority even if you choose to also use our procedures.

In‐house Complaints and Dispute Resolution Procedures
Our complaints and dispute resolution procedures are designed to provide a simple and personalised process for resolving any complaint you might have about the service you have received from our agency.

Step 1: Call us and speak to the Licensee Agent; Craig Smith +64 021 960 565. Tell the Licensee Agent who you are complaining about and what your concerns are. Let the Licensee Agent know what you would like done about your complaint.

Step 2: The Licensee Agent may ask you to put your complaint in writing so that he or she can investigate it. The Licensee Agent will need a brief period of time to talk to the team members involved. We promise to come back to you within five working days with a response to your complaint. That response may be in writing. As part of that response, we might ask you to meet with members of our team to discuss the complaint and try to agree on a resolution.

Step 3: If we are unable to come to an agreed resolution after a meeting, or if you do not wish to meet with us, then we will provide you with a written proposal to resolve your complaint.

Step 4: If you do not accept our proposal, please try and advise us in writing within five working days. You can, of course, suggest another way of resolving your complaint.

Step 5: If we accept your preferred resolution, we will attempt to implement that resolution as soon as possible. If we decline your preferred resolution, we may invite you to mediate the dispute.

Step 6: If we agree to mediate the complaint but do not settle the complaint at mediation, or we do not agree to mediate the dispute, then that will be the end of our process.

Craig Smith- Licensee Agent

Ray White Austar

36 Te Atatu Road, Te Atatu South, Auckland 0602

+64 021 960 565

Remember: You can still make a complaint to the Real Estate Authority in the first instance and, even if you use these procedures, you can still make a complaint to the Real Estate Agents Authority at any time. The Real Estate Authority (REA) is the independent government regulatory body for the real estate industry in New Zealand. Their role is to promote a high standard of service and professionalism in the real estate industry and assist in protecting buyers and sellers, and they provide information for buyers and sellers as well as providing advice and guidance for agents, and dealing with complaints about agents’ behaviour.

The Real Estate Authority (REA) recently released an updated set of rules outlining the code of professional conduct and client care. These rules constitute the professional conduct and client care required by section 14 of the Real Estate Agents Act 2008 and are effective from 8 April 2013.

Please click here to view the latest Real Estate Agents Act (Professional Conduct and Client Care) Rules 2012.

If you are having difficulty opening the document please click here to download the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Approved Guides

To support consumer protection and ensure you have the information you need at two important stages of the process of buying or selling residential property, two approved guides have been developed; an agency agreement guide and a sale and purchase agreement guide.

New Zealand Residential Property Agency Agreement Guide [PDF]

New Zealand Residential Property Sale and Purchase Agreement Guide [PDF]

Consumer Information

Please refer to the following sources for more information on topics such as agency agreements, sale and purchase agreements, licensing, commission, sales options and advertising.

REA website


Click here to find further information on how to make a complaint and the complaint process in the Complaints section on the REA website.

Click here to download the REA Complaint Form.

Please go to to find out more about the sale and purchase process.

Additional Information

The following downloadable fact sheets have been developed to provide you with information on the buying and selling process:

Please also visit for more guides and resources on buying or selling a home.

Public Register

You can search the public register of licensees by clicking here.

Click here for more information on how to object to a licence.


The 2008 Act introduces a new complaints system, which will provide transparent and fair processes for all parties involved in a complaint. All agents must have procedures for handling complaints. Using those procedures may be the quickest way to resolve your concerns. If you are unable to sort things out this way, you can complain to the Real Estate Authority under the Real Estate Agents Act 2008. Other existing consumer protections, such as those provided by the Fair Trading Act 1986 and the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993, also continue to be available to consumers.

Click here to go to the REA website for information on How to Make a Complaint.

Where do I go for more information?

If you need more information or assistance with making a written complaint please call the REA on 0800 for REA (0800 367 732).

The REA contact details are:

Real Estate Authority
Phone: 0800 367 732
Mail: PO Box 25 371, Wellington 6140