The Pulse – 17 Sept 2019

By Craig Smith

Earlier this year Austar embarked on a new pathway. We decided we wanted the actual team to help us set our core values, goals and ultimately our mission statement for the company. We gathered our salespeople, managers, administrators and property managers to work together in two intensive workshops evaluating various alternatives and then simply put them to a vote. Every vote was equal, from the CEO and Managing Director down to the newest member of the Austar family, every voice was heard. I am proud to say that the results were almost unanimous. Our Mission is “To provide a high level of real estate service and advice with integrity and respect to help people achieve their dreams.” This has to be supported by our five core values, respect, integrity, empathy, courageous honesty and a commitment to a common goal. The product of core values aligned with our mission statement combines to formulate our vision “To be recognized as the most trusted and professional real estate brand in our community”.

Austar is the only Real Estate company to have undergone such a transition and actually invite all their team members to have their say in what our mission and vision should be. The result was resounding and will be part of every action and presentation that an Austar team member is involved in. This will be another major point of difference between the services offered by our group compared to others in the market place.

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