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The Pulse – 20 Aug 2019

By Craig Smith

Property management is a topic close to the heart of many. With the fears of future capital gains tax for secondary residential properties now put to bed, we are seeing a lot of normal New Zealanders concentrating on rental property as the best form of retirement investment. Some of the headaches for rental investment are finding tenants, managing those tenants, ongoing maintenance and bond deposits. With interest rates so low many New Zealanders are simply using the equity in their existing family home to fund the purchase of the rental investment. Low-interest rates mean many properties are actually self-funding making the process very simple. Many landlords are taking the easier option now of using property managers to take away from many of the burdens of investment ownership.

Austar Property Services specializes in taking the grief and dilemmas out of investment ownership. Our highly skilled team take the burdens of being a landlord out of the equation allowing their clients to plan their futures in peace.

If you are thinking of either buying a rental property or currently have a portfolio and want to allow a well-run professional entity to take over the strain call Louis now at Austar Property Services on 0800 287 827 to arrange a consultation.

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