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The Pulse – 3 Sept 2019

By Craig Smith

Spring is definitely springing. The change in weather is heralding a change of another climate as listings are starting to become evident again. Like the budding of new spring flowers, this new burst of listing activity will hopefully presage the growth in sales we seasonally expect over the next 3 months. As reported in earlier Pulses buyer conditions have been ideal right through the Winter months. The lowest recorded mortgage interest rates augmented by softer prices and softening bank lending conditions have created a “perfect storm” of buying conditions that many buyers have been taking advantage of.

The biggest impediment to outstanding sales volumes has been the ever-diminishing stock levels as sales numbers have outnumbered new listings significantly. This seems about to change. The thirst from buyers remains unabated. Canny sellers are seeing the advantage of coming to the market a little earlier than the normal October/November rush to ensure less competition for their prized and beloved residential homes. Leading Real Estate analyst Core Logic confirms this pattern and suggests that golden days for real estate are imminent.

If you are thinking of selling and ready to go don’t wait to “pull the trigger”, call one of our highly trained Austar professionals now and put a plan into motion.

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